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12th July 2005

Just a brief update in light of the fact that I just noticed I haven't updated my site in over a year. How crap is that?

I am currently on maternity leave - my first baby being a week late already. Mostly I'm just sitting around the house and trying to avoid the unseasonably good weather. I'm still waiting for the nesting instinct to kick in so that I can restore some order to the house, but don't hold your breath

The business is going well and we're already a good way into our third year of trading and gaining more and more customers all the time. I couldn't have picked a more inconvenient time to procreate, but then that's me all over...

I'm hoping to continue the life updates on a new site at, subject to us actually finishing off the design of it, so please take a look there for pictures of the new sprog if I forget to update this site.

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